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Simply pack your bags and leave the rest to us.


“In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with”

Our story
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I am, and have always been, passionate about travel. It is my adrenaline rush and what keeps me going. My first trip to London, followed by another to Europe and I was bitten by the travel bug.


I haven't looked back since. The world became my oyster and I travelled far and wide - savouring the colours, flavours, sights and sounds the world had to offer.

I like my journeys to be a certain way. And I understand that you would like your journey to be your way. Which is why I decided, early on, that Hansa would cater to travellers who want their journey to be their own.

And this is why, over the years, without any advertising, or marketing, simply through referrals, Hansa has grown and spread its wings. 

Our agenda is simple - your agenda. Your travel itinerary is made especially for you - by a carefully hand-picked team of travel specialists who are all travel nerds like me. Simply, tell us your dreams and leave it to us to make it real.

Keep Wanderlusting!

Vani Subhas

PS: My travel recommendation - You should experience Peru!

For the love of travel

We started as Hansa Aviation in 1993 - a GSA  for South India for Lufthansa, with 4 offices.

Eleven years later - in 2004, Hansa Holidays - a bespoke, travel boutique was born. 

The wind beneath our wings
Kalpashree Jaiswal

Travelling has always been an important part of her life. Whether it is planning her trips or planning trips for my guests.


Kalpa has been a travel consultant for 10 years years and she has travelled to many places - some with her family and some virtually through the places she has helped her guests plan their trips to! She wants to go back to Paris and Switzerland again 

Sudhir Shukla

Our ticketing guru 

from Valsad, his dream destination is Mexico. Shuklaji has worked for 25 years in the travel industry .


He loves his work and his family keeps him going - a man who has truly mastered the art of living!


Gautam is a domestic ticketing stalwart & has worked at Hansa for over a decade.


You want a to take a flight in India anywhere -  simply call Gautam & sit back. He will give you all the possible options; all you have to do is choose & approve. It's that simple 


Everyone calls her Var! The go to girl for visas - she knows everything there is to know about every visa - she will make the entire process feel like a simple game.

Varalaksmi also handles holidays within India, with the same ease.

Shubhra Rajwanshy

Travel guru with 18 years under her belt, she loves Europe and dreams of travelling to New Zealand.

“Shubhra is our go to person for all our holidays. She knows what we want & understands our requirements” - Shivek Gupta trusts Shubhra to plan all his vacations!


Well - planned, customised, value for money vacations - where you will have the time of your life.

And we will be available for you should you need us.

Let your imagination run amok

Because travelling is in our DNA. And we are here to make your wildest, craziest travel dreams a memory to cherish. So, let your imagination run amok and come to us when you wanderlust.

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