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Stunning vistas and surreal landscapes

“Fika A moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life - SWEDISH WORD

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Hej Sweden!

Steeped in tradition and forward-thinking, historic & hip, serene and bustling, nature and architecture, ancient and contemporary - Sweden is a smorgasbord of varied experiences. Find peace in the beautiful natural landscapes, vast dense forests, crystal-clear lakes, and picturesque archipelagos of Sweden. Or by Sweden's stunning coastal scenery, with rocky shores, sandy beaches, and colourful fishing villages that dot the coastline. Discover contemporary music, art, fashion, and design. Be dazzled by the Aurora Borealis in winter - the Northern Lights, one of the most famous natural wonders in Sweden. Explore the historic architecture and charming cities. Explore the Stockholm archipelago spreads across 80 kilometres and over 30,000 islands, ranging from tiny uninhabited islets to well-developed and bustling holiday resorts, divided by channels you can explore by boat.


Walk around the old town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, a beautiful example of medieval urban planning, with its narrow cobblestone streets, colourful buildings, and historic landmarks - the Royal Palace and Storkyrkan Cathedral. Sing your heart out at the Abba Museum, find the greats at the the Nobel Prize Museum, delight in Fotografiska, a hip photography museum where the displays change regularly or meet the Vikings and explore the Viking Age with all senses at the Viking Museum. Unwind in one of Stockholm’s spas - some unique like the Solar Egg and Adventure Mine. Try authentic Swedish food - Stockholm has been named the European Capital of Gastronomy. Head to the seriously cool Södermalm – or just Söder, as the locals call it, for its hip and relaxed atmosphere, as well as its creative and trendy residents and vintage stores, boutiques, coffee shops, galleries, and bars aplenty. Take the metro, a unique art gallery eccentrically decorated in artworks, sculpture, rock formations, and mosaics, created by over 150 different local artists.



Head to the northern part to see the midnight sun or go hiking on scenic trails. Explore Gothenburg and Malmö, for their attractive architecture, bustling street life, and cultural offerings. Stay in the Ice Hotel in Kiruna. Adventure awaits as you ride a snowmobile or a husky dogsled. Learn about the Sami people and their culture, feed reindeer and even go on a reindeer sled ride. Cross the Arctic Circle and visit Abisko. Visit Abisko National Park just out of town, extending from the southwestern shore of Torneträsk Lake. Surrounded by mountains, it shelters lemmings and reindeer, plus the Lapp orchid. Go on the King’s Trail that begins in the park and leads to Hemavan, in the south. Marvel at the Aurora Borealis at the Aurora Sky Station, on Mount Nuolja, the observation centre for the Northern Lights.


Sweden Essential
3 days, 4 nights
Sweden Max
10 days of magic
Sweden Luxe
Dog sledding, Ice hotel and more 
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